Fingers and Thumbs

Buster B Jones

Rick Washbrook (left) and Buster B Jones (right) Buster has had a rough year from which he is now, thankfully, recovering. Last autumn he collapsed after a show and was diagnosed with diverticulitis (infection of the colon) which did not respond to antibiotics resulting in a sizeable piece of the colon having to be removed. During this procedure a nerve was severed and he became paralysed down his left side rendering him incapable of holding a guitar let alone playing one. Fortunately he has fully regained use of his arms, hands and fingers but is still limping badly and he tires easily. In my opinion he is now playing as well as ever but he didn't put in his normal number of hours jamming in the hotel lobby. His therapy whilst recovering was to coach some young and talented guitarists some of whom were jamming with him at the Convention and performing on stage demonstrating what a good job he has done. Buster has an excellent "almost solo" CD which was recorded earlier this year. It is called Just Us and is Buster using his two guitars Merle and Pearl one being nylon strung and the other steel. He is ably accompanied by Nokie Edwards of Ventures fame on a couple of tracks but otherwise it is Buster on his own and at his best. I guess we are used to Buster playing Jerry Reed style, hot and complex, on his Godin Multiac nylon electric and lovers of that style will not be disappointed. However Buster has written most of the tunes on this CD and many display great sensitivity both in composition and in performance. There are 17 tracks :- A Simple Gift / Let The Sun Shine In / Still Live @ Five / The Thoughts Of One / Collage-A-Reed / Alabama Jubilee / Just Us / One Sad Clown / Last Request / Pierpaolo / Thom's Thumb / Shadows In The Dark / Turkey For Two / Clawin' / Flight Path / A Second Glance / Be Like Dad. A great CD which will appeal to Buster fans and all lovers of guitar pickin'.Tom Bresh

There is another guitar pickin' masterpiece available recorded in 2001, a CD called Guts & Steel which is Buster B Jones in collaboration with Thom Bresh. They play together like great buddies which I am sure they are and their styles blend well together. There are 17 tracks :- Guts & Steel / Guitarville / La Pousse de Marcel (Marcel's Thumb) / 2nd Avenue / Medley-Pickin' & Foolin' and Stumpwater / Brokedown / Auvoir Mon Ami (Farewell My Friend) / 9lb Jam / Dirty Laundry / Cannon Ball Romp / I'll See You In My Dreams / Peanut Butter and Jelly / Music, Music, Music / Tennessee Waltz / Red Haired Boy / Malaguena / Eiffel Power. This is a cracking good CD, two great pickers in harmony.

Both these CDs can be purchased in the UK from me, see the merchandise section for details.

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